Do you spend hours slaving over press releases that never make it onto the news pages? Or suffer from writers’ block at the thought of appearing in print? 

If you don’t know where to start, or aren’t getting the results you need, take heart – public relations and marketing aren't as tricky as they may seem. To write a good press release you just need to follow a few simple rules, and before you know it your media appeal will increase no end.

Finding an angle or linking your story to a relevant event is crucial, but the method of approach can also increase your chances of success or condemn your hard work to the recycling bin. Most editors are busy people; if you offer them a useable story, chances are they will snap it up.

I offer group or one-to-one workshops in media training, showing you how to:

  • find an angle
  • format your story
  • choose your publication or website
  • approach editors

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